Ukraine-Russia War Updates: For days, Russia and the US have been blaming each other for chemical weapons stockpiles. The US has expressed concern that Russia may attack Ukraine with chemical weapons. Russia claims that the US is funding Ukraine’s development of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, Biden stated on Friday that a chemical assault on Ukraine would cost Russia a “high price.”

Biden told CNN he would not comment on the intelligence he had received. However, Russia will pay a hefty price for employing chemical weapons.

Despite Russia’s plans to deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, the US has yet to show proof. Even back then, the White House expressed alarm on numerous occasions. Jane Sackie, the White House press secretary, had previously warned that Russia might deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Jane Sackie stated in a tweet on Wednesday: “The assertion made by Russia that the US is developing chemical weapons in Ukraine is entirely incorrect. We should all keep an eye on Russia’s prospective deployment of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, given that Russia has made this bogus claim and China has presumably supported Russia’s propaganda.”

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