Utah Governor Spencer Cox Urges Republican Vaccine Skeptics To Take The Shot

Utah Governor Spencer Cox Thinks Politics Is Becoming Like Religion

Utah Governor Spencer Cox talked about the political situation in the US on CBS Face the Nation. He thinks the situation is getting worse as everything is getting politicized. Moreover, he said, “Politics is becoming a religion in our country. Politics is becoming sport and entertainment in our country. That everything is political. It is a huge mistake, and it’s caused us to make bad decisions during this pandemic and in other phases of our life as well. It is deeply troubling.”

Utah Governor Spencer Cox
Source: Deseret News

Utah Governor Spencer Cox Asks Vaccine-Skeptics To Avoid Increase In COVID Cases

Most of the surveys are revealing that Republican supporters are avoiding taking the vaccine while the Democrats have received the vaccine well. Spencer Cox, who is a Republican, did not call out Republican supporters directly. However, he asked vaccine skeptics to take the shot as soon as possible. Moreover, he said, “It’s very simple and very easy. Those are deaths that don’t have to happen, hospitalizations that don’t have to happen.”

Utah Governor Spencer Cox
Source: Daily Herald

Spencer Cox Asks People To Unite Against COVID

Spencer Cox asked people to keep their political differences aside to fight the virus. He said, “We’re dealing with a historic situation with this pandemic and we do have the tools to counter it,” he said. “So for goodness sake, put aside all of those differences and realize the common enemy is this virus and we do have the tool, a highly effective tool, against this virus.”

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