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Vanessa Shares Kobe Bryant ‘s Definition Of Love Ahead Of Death Anniversary !



Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Shares Video Of Kobe Bryant Ahead Of First Death Anniversary

Vanessa Bryant has not gotten over the death of her husband Kobe Bryant and she may never get over at all. Such was their bond. Moreover, his loss was not just her personal loss, but the world also lost a legend. Ahead of his first death anniversary, Vanessa shared a video of Kobe talking about love. Moreover, he said in the video, “Happiness is such a beautiful journey. It has its ups and downs, whether it’s in marriage or whether it’s in a career.”

Kobe Bryant

Source: Us Magazine

Kobe Bryant Feels Love Is Never Meant To Be Perfect

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa married at a very young age. Moreover, the marriage took place against the will of their parents. Furthermore, their marriage had reached a low point where they had already separated. However, they worked things out and came out of the pit stronger than ever. In the video shared by Vanessa, Kobe talks about how love is not perfect but still worth it. Moreover, he said, “Things are never perfect, but through love, you continue to persevere, and you move through them, you move through them.”

Kobe Bryant Feels Love Is All About Ups And Downs

Kobe was of the opinion that every relationship and marriage have their low and high points. Moreover, after every high point, their comes a low and love makes it easier to surpass it. He said, “And then through that storm, a beautiful sun emerges, and inevitably, another storm comes. And guess what? You ride that one out too.”

Kobe Bryant

Source: NBA

Kobe Gives His Definition Of Love

In the end, Kobe also gave a definition of what love meant to him. He said, “So, I think love is sort of a determination, a persistence to go through the good times and the bad times with someone or something that you truly love.”

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