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Wendy Williams Keeps Her Fans Updated On Relationship With Ex Kevin Hunter !



Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Doesn’t Regret Meeting Ex-Husband Kevin

Wendy Williams and her ex Kevin were married for around 20 years. However, they decided to go separate ways and split up in 2019. However, she recently talked about her divorce and revealed that she doesn’t have any regrets about her past, including her relationship to Kevin. Moreover, she said, “The life that I’m living right now is my best life, and I have no guilt about saying that. I don’t regret meeting Kevin, I don’t regret falling in love, I don’t regret staying with him for all 25 years, 21 of them married.”

Wendy Williams

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Wendy Williams Reveals Kevin Still Calls Her Occasionally

Wendy Williams revealed that her relationship with Kevin is not broke after all. Moreover, she revealed that Kevin still contacts her from time to time. However, the only reason that stops her from blocking him is that she shares a son with him. She has always talked openly about her personal life and it was no different when it came to her divorce. Moreover, she said, “He calls from time to time. I don’t block his number, though — he is my son’s father.”

Fans Are Worried For Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is having a hard time at the moment. Even though she claims to be happy and okay, fans don’t feel the same. She has her own talk show with her name in the title. However, there is a fear that she might get axed. She has been acting weird lately on the show and that has got her fans worried. Moreover, fans are more worried about her mental health as something looks be wrong in her behavior.

Wendy Williams

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Wendy On The Verge Of Getting Axed From Her Own Show

The producers of the show are in a hurry to find a replacement if the rumors are to be believed. However, Wendy continues to host the show without talking about what is going on in her own show.

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