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Wendy Williams Reveals Her Ex-Husband Kevin Was A BULLY During Their Marriage !



Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Reveals The Time She Decided To Go For Divorce

Wendy Williams has been criticizing her ex-husband Kevin for the past many days. Moreover, she is coming with her own biopic where she covers her personal life in great detail. She revealed that she was serious about divorce only after she reached television in her entertainment career. Furthermore, she said, “Once we got to the television level of my career, I was juggling private detective firms. I was Googling the best divorce lawyers, I was Googling, ‘How to get a divorce.’ I was Googling, ‘What’s the difference between a divorce in New Jersey and a divorce in L.A.?'”

Wendy Williams

Source: Hello Magazine

Wendy Williams Reveals Her Ex-Husband Was A Bully

Wendy has never spoken so harshly about her husband until recently. Moreover, she revealed that Kevin was a bully who remained a liability throughout their marriage. She said, “He was a bully, and I took his verbal abuse because I had to be strong for my son and because I wanted to win. I was not trying to get divorced and put all of my belongings in a storage unit until I found the perfect apartment.”

Wendy Williams Tries To Make Kevin Jealous With Her Life

Kevin is probably in a miserable state as he is probably unemployed with no bank balance. However, Wendy is leading a luxurious life at the moment due to her success in the industry. Moreover, she said, ” I’m going to inconvenience him by letting him know that I’ve got the best apartment, I’ve got the best view, I’ve got the best concierge, I live the best life, I eat the best food. I have the best of the best.”

Wendy Williams

Source: People

Wendy Reveals Kevin Gave Her Pain Through Kid And Affairs

Kevin had a baby with his mistress and he also had many affairs during his marriage to Wendy. Talking about the same, Wendy said, “He inconvenienced my life with his attitude, a baby, and a lot of affairs.”

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