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Wendy Williams Reveals What People Can Expect From Her Biopic: It Is Real !



Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Reveals Why People Should Watch Her Biopic

Wendy Williams has had a very happening life. She knows this very well and decided to make a movie out of it. Moreover, her biopic is more in the format of a documentary. In a recent interview, she revealed why people should give it a try. Moreover, she said, “This is my story — it’s my factual story. The movie is a must-see, but those are actors and we could only fit two hours of my life in there.

Wendy Williams

Source: Essence

Wendy Williams Reveals People Might Feel Angry After The Movie

Wendy Williams’s movie on her own life might piss off many people. Moreover, she is aware that the movie might end up offending many people. However, she also expects people to love her for who she is. She said, “I expect people to be angry. I expect people to be sad for me still. I expect people to feel like I’m lying. But I also expect people to love me more and I want for people to learn life lessons out of it.”

Wendy Williams Reveals The Documentary Will Have Real People

Wendy Williams is trying to showcase her story in the form of a documentary. Moreover, she feels her story will feel more real as it will have the actual people who have crossed paths with her life. She said, “The documentary is real people who have actually lived my experience with me, whether it’s been through observation or through actually knowing me, being around me, doing stuff with me.”

Wendy Williams

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Wendy Hopes People Relate With Her Story

Wendy has always come off as a little rude to people. She speaks without giving much thought to the consequences. However, Wendy is counting on the fact that people relate to her story. Moreover, she said, “I’ve been through a lot of things so maybe you don’t have to go through them, or maybe you’re going through the same thing.”

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