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What are the “breakthrough” cases of the COVID-19 vaccine?Credits: AP Illustration / Peter Hamlin

What are the “breakthrough” cases of the COVID-19 vaccine?

It is when a fully vaccinated person becomes infected with the coronavirus. A few such cases are expected, Health authorities They are Not the cause of the alarm..

The COVID-19 vaccine works by teaching the body cognition Virus..So if you are exposed to it after vaccination, your Immune system You need to be ready to take action and fight it.

In the study, a double dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer and Moderna was about 95% effective in preventing disease, and a single dose of Johnson & Johnson was 72% effective, but a direct comparison should be made. Is difficult. Therefore, vaccines are very good at protecting us from viruses, There is still the possibility of infection It can be mild or asymptomatic, or even ill.

If you get sick after being vaccinated, experts say shots are very good at reducing the severity of the illness, which is the main reason for getting vaccinated.

Most people with breakthrough infections experience Mild illnessSaid Dr. William Moss, vaccine Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health School Expert.

In the United States, Was not vaccinated It accounts for almost all hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19.

It is difficult to determine why a particular breakthrough case occurs. According to Moss, the amount of virus you are exposed to can be a factor.Our personal Immune system It also affects the reaction to the shot.For example, some people Health Alternatively, take medications that may make your immune system less responsive to the vaccine.

People may have been exposed to the virus before the shot was fully effective. Although unlikely, Moss said he may have been given an improperly stored or administered dose.

Although previous evidence shows that vaccines used in the United States prevent them, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says mutations may be a factor in some breakthrough cases. I’m pointing out.

Health officials are also monitoring signs of an increase in breakthrough cases. This may indicate that vaccine protection is declining and booster immunization is needed.

I’m completely vaccinated, but I’m feeling sick – do I need to be tested for COVID-19?

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