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The World Health Organization said Thursday that the impact of pandemics on mental health would be “long-term and widespread” as experts and leaders called for action on COVID-related anxiety and stress.

“Everyone is somehow affected,” WHO said in a statement at the start of the two-day meeting in Athens. health Ministers from dozens of countries.

“Anxiety about virus infection, psychological effects of blockade and quarantine” Mental health crisisWith stress associated with unemployment, financial instability and social alienation.

” mental health The effects of the pandemic will be long-term and widespread. “

Hans Kluge, WHO’s European regional director, said mental health should be considered a “basic human right” and emphasized how the virus had fallen apart.

“The pandemic rocked the world,” he told the conference.

“More than 4 million lives have been lost worldwide, livelihoods have been ruined, families and communities have been forced away, businesses have gone bankrupt, and people have been deprived of opportunities.”

WHO called for enhanced general mental health services and improved access to care through technology.

It also encouraged better psychological support services for schools, colleges, workplaces, and those at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

The ministers reported that a 38-year-old Greek woman called Katerina had been treating her mental illness since 2002 and had successfully dealt with it until the pandemic.

She could no longer join face-to-face support groups, could not see her father, and was forced to support treatment.

“The pressure of social isolation has led to increased anxiety,” she said.

One in four adults with depression or anxiety lacked mental health support during a pandemic

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