After acting in five successful James Bond films over the previous 16 years, actor Daniel Craig has said his goodbyes to the legendary British spy character. Craig’s final Bond picture, No Time to Die, was released later this year. Craig has, without a doubt, earned the hearts of millions of followers through bonds. But the most pressing concern on moviegoers’ minds since his departure is, “Who will be the next James Bond?”

A lot will be determined by who will play James Bond on the big screen after Craig. First and foremost, box office success; second, finding someone who can act as well as Craig. It’s tough to say whether the new James Bond will win fans’ hearts.

According to the BBC, Mark O’Connell, author of “Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan,” believes the new James Bond will pay homage to his predecessors while also having his own personality and qualities.

Today’s event with those potential stars will reveal who could be the next James Bond Zero Zero Seven.

Tom Hardy

One thing is certain: the next James Bond will be a completely different guy. And producer Barbara Broccoli has stated unequivocally that the next James Bond must be a guy! As a result, female actors have been removed from the list.

When it came to masculine characters, Tom Hardy’s duo was a perfect complement. Tom has previously demonstrated his masculinity in films like Venom, Dunkirk, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

“I’m genuinely interested in starring in a Bond movie directed by Christopher Nolan or someone like him,” Tom said in a 2012 interview.

Tom, though, at the age of 44, may have missed out on that chance. It would be as if an 80-year-old guy were playing the role of a detective if he, like Craig, had been in bondage for 15 years!

Reg-Gene Page

Reg-Jean Page, the star of Bridgeton, is no longer concerned about his age. As a result, we can only imagine him as a young James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan, the former Zero Zero Seven actor, also voted in favour of the page! Bond appears to be auditioning for the part on the red carpets of all the previous shows.

Page, on the other hand, disagrees. “When individuals emulate someone they know in the UK, they think of the letter ‘B.'” It’s similar to a merit badge. And I’d be delighted to receive that badge,” he stated.

Richard Madden

Shawn Connery, the late Scottish actor, made his cinematic debut as James Bond. So it’s not unreasonable to expect the producers to bring in more Scottish talent.

As a result, Game of Thrones star Richard Madden could fall into the actor’s trip to play James Bond. He also gave Bond a breath of fresh air by donning a new tuxedo, reversing the automobile, and firing the gun.

However, the actor, like Reg-Jean Page, has debunked these accusations. In this connection, he stated in 2016 that it takes more than flattery to make someone believe he is James Bond! He did admit, though, that their numbers were insufficient to overthrow Trump’s regime.

Tom Hopper

The problem with casting a Bond actor is that the names are at the top of the list of favourites; in fact, they are the bookies’ favourites. However, the producers chose someone who is unsuitable.

“No bookie named Daniel Craig following Pierce Brosnan’s death, or two years afterwards, since they were busy with Clive Owen,” writes O’Connell. It was because he was dressed up in a tuxedo in another photo! On a Sunday night, James Bond would never be spotted outside.”

In late October, there were also rumours that producer Broccoli had named Hopper in his shortlist.

Henry Cavill

Many people are unfamiliar with the name of the ‘Superman’ actor who worked alongside Daniel Craig. Because he is so young, theories regarding his Bond persona are spreading. So he’s on the list this time.

“Everything is flying in the air now,” Cavill told GQ in 2020. Let’s see how things go. But, yeah, I’d like to play James Bond. It’ll be a thrilling experience!”

Are the book’s writers included in the list?

James Bond is “a new Bond, not just walking the red carpet,” according to O’Connell, who has authored a book about the James Bond films. He has to be a movie star, a series and film ambassador, a media diplomat, and a man of British culture.” And to be a goodwill ambassador for products and endorsements worth billions of dollars.

According to him, James Bond will be a name that people all over the world will recognise at a look. At the same time, she must be gorgeous in order to elicit obsession and capture the audience’s attention on the big screen.

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