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Why Cardell Hayes Will Ask For Bail To Be Released, Because Smith Test Will Return To New Orleans Court



Cardell Hayes

The Court of Appeal of the State Circuit on Friday delivered the case against Cardell Hayes to a Judge of New Orleans and the creation of a legal hearing or you have prepared for a possible new trial in the murder of Saints, the football star, Will Smith. Hayes, a tow truck.

Hayes, a drag truck driver, shot and killed Smith, and injured Smith Racquel’s wife, on a Lower Garden District Street in April 2016. But Hayes had his murder reconstructions and attempted murder of the Supreme Court the United States. The decision against Verdieten with the Split jury.

The prosecutors said that, after an old bender of the fender in Street magazine, after Smith Haunted and finished the SUV of the former pro player. Both men came out of their vehicles and exchanged words. Against the end of the dispute, Hayes Fatally Smith had fired on the side and seven times on his back. He also injured Smith Racquel’s wife, according to the authorities.

Hess took a position to claim self-defence. He affirmed that he was responding to Smith’s shots and refused to shoot Rachell.

Haye was charged with murder and tried to assassinate. The jury gave it 10-2 votes to blame Hayes to the murderers and calculated the murderer.

Hess challenged these firm beliefs, and for 25 years of the sentence, he was still turning his way through the court until April 2020, to the United States with respect to the unusual unsanitary jury rule of Louisiana. The decision came from the Supreme Court. The Superior Court said that this practice is in the United States. He escaped the rumour of the Constitution. In January, he implemented his comprehensive sentence in the case of Hayes.

Creadit: NOLA

On Friday, the decision of the appeal was an indispensable conclusion after the failure of Judge Camille, Camille, to send back to the emergency court of Oralian’s parish objection.

But it’s still a turning point. Back to the District Court, Hess will get a chance to argue that it should be released on bail while waiting for a new test.


Cardell Hayes

Credit: NOLA

Defensor Lawyer Eric Santana said that he intends to present a proposal for the bonus deficiency hearing “as soon as possible”. He is representing Hayes with Lawyers Icon Pliences and John Fuller.

Fuller also represented Hayes in the trial. He was already a famous criminal defense lawyer when the case threw it in the national focus.

However, any prosecution does not live in the office of the District Attorney. The former owner, Leon Canjharo was also replaced by District Attorney Jason Williams on January 11.

Williams has said that this will review the case. He has not been prompted that he will try to try again, and if so, then what is the fee.

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