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Will Smith Opens Up On ‘Howard’, Speaks On Life Experiences



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In a recent interview with, Hollywood actor Will Smith opened up about his role as ‘Howard‘ in Collateral Beauty. The actor speaks about how the role was different from Will Smith’s movies, which featured him in the ‘bad boy’ characters.Will Smith’s videos show that even though he acts as lively and excentric characters much of the time. The part of ‘Howard’ was something that he might be related to, as the film is all about passion and alienation that Will has encountered in his real life.

Will Smith as ‘Howard’

Among Will Smith’s films, Collateral Beauty is one of its kind. The actor says he was attracted to Howard’s character because of how compelling his path from sadness to genuine beauty turned out to be. According to the movie storey, Howard is a man who has life figured out and is faced with a sudden tragedy that leaves him distraught. The most striking part of his character is how his heart transforms when he encounters three people who got him out of his darkness. Will Smith agrees with Howard’s way of leading life, so the actor sees himself making similar mistakes and experiencing similar feelings when faced with Howard’s life-like encounters.

About Time, Love and Death

He considers himself a “serious hopeless romantic” He says he’s had moments where he’d apologise to his mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, for “not loving him enough” and he’d say, “if we are going to die, we need to spend more time together.”

Will Smith also talks about how Howard encourages audiences to survive in difficult and perilous situations. He says that if you have to find a path through life, you have to bleed, hurt and mourn. He ends by sharing a quote from author Khalil Gibran, which says, “Pain is the knife that hollows us out so that we can hang on to more joy.

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