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Will Smith Shares How He Achieved The Transition From ‘Bad Boy’

Will Smith has made something more than a name over the three decades that The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air has invested in the film business. One might argue that Smith has made a reputation. One glance at Smith’s filmography is perhaps all it takes for a person to believe that Smith cannot be typed or stored in a box.

Will Smith‘s film collection contains adventure films such as the Bad Boys movie series and independent films such as Seven Pounds and The Search of Happyness. And more recently, Smith’s last two releases, Gemini Man and Aladdin have made him play roles which are very different from each other.
But, one can deduce that the seasoned actor was going through a bit of a transition. Sometime around 2014-15, the actor started switching away from his devil-may-care on-screen avatar to roles who rate higher on the moral quotient and have a comparatively softer way of communicating.

What probably drove Will Smith towards the transition?

An interview with HuffPost officials could offer a glimpse of the driving philosophy behind Smith, who has been challenging himself as an artist since his debut. In an interview with the publishing company, when expressing his reaction and commenting on his son, Jaden has acquired and encourages a gender-fluid look. He was concerned about the need to go out and test something out there.

Smith also gave readers another hint as to how he worked to create the kind of diversity that he now learns while talking to officials at The Sydney Herald.

Since understanding the same, the actor said he took a break for two years to raise his artistry. As Smith did, he tried to accomplish the same by deepening ties. Concussion will be published nine days after the interview.

Will Smith’s news regarding future projects

Smith has an exciting slate of proposals in his hand as far as potential projects are concerned. Smith will also be working on the fourth instalment of the Bad Boys film series, and his science fiction Netflix film, Bright, will also be followed up.

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