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Will Smith Was There When Jaden Smith Had His First Onscreen Kiss !

Jaden Smith Will Smith
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Will Smith Was Present When Jaden Smith Did His First Onscreen Kiss

Will Smith and Jaden Smith are more like friends than father and son. Jaden started starring in movies at a very young age. After starring in The Pursuit of Happyness, he starred as the Karate Kid in the remake of The Karate Kid. Interestingly, the movie was produced by his parents Will and Jada. Unfortunately for Jaden,  this movie also marked his first onscreen kiss. Since Will was the producer, he was there when Jaden was doing the kiss scene.

Jaden Smith Will Smith
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Jaden Smith Was Very Awkward With The Presence Of Will Smith

Jaden was understandably awkward to see his father being there on the set during the kiss scene. He wished for him to go away but that did not happen. In one of his previous interviews, he said, “We had security keep my mom in the tent so that she wouldn’t come out acting crazy. My mom stayed in a tent, and my dad was on the set. But yeah, that was very awkward. One of the most awkward things I’ve ever done in my 11 years of being on this planet.”

Will Smith Gave Jaden Smith Some Dating Advice Long Time Ago

Jaden is now a grown-up man but he also got some dating advice from his father at a very young age. Once Jaden said, “He didn’t say you can’t date. He said, hey, I’m just gonna give you a word of advice, buddy to another buddy, you don’t want a girlfriend right now. You have a big movie coming out. It’s really gonna complicate your life a lot.”

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Kissing In Front Of Will Was The ‘Awkwardest’ Feeling For Jaden

Jaden Smith was not just awkward but ‘awkwardest’ when Will was there for his kiss scene. Moreover, he had to do it 32 and a half times to get the scene right. He said, “That was the awkwardest feeling.”