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Will Smith’s ‘Bright’ Has This Connection With ‘Men In Black’



Jaden Smith Will Smith

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors at the moment, and over the years, he’s given many hit movie franchises, including Men in Black. The action-adventure franchise has some connection to Will Smith’s Bright, which was launched in 2017. Men in Black is an action, adventure comedy fiction franchise, and is one of the most loved movies of his fans. The film was well-received in all countries because of its star cast and its plot.

Will Smith plays ‘good guy’ in the Men in the Black franchise and Bright

The plot of Men in Black is largely centred around Agent J and Agent K on a mission to save the world from the apprehensive alien activity on planet Earth. The first part was released in July 1997, while the second and third parts were released in July 2002 and May 2012. The manufacturers released the fourth part in 2019, which received mainly negative reviews from critics and fans. The fourth part, too, did not include Will Smith.

Bright movie trivia

Bright is an urban fantasy adventure movie released on Netflix in 2017. The film got mixed feedback from the critics, but it has been one of Netflix’s most popular movies ever. Will plays the LAPD officer in the movie, who saves the world like the Men in the Black Franchise. Along with the fantasy genre elements, the film also covers socio-economic problems in the modern world. The storyline revolves around a human police officer and his partner. All of whom are charged with hunting down a wand belonging to the wicked fairy.

Will’s Men in Black and Bright, both acting fiction suspense flicks. Portrays Will as a saviour who seeks to discover a conspiracy. In both films, Will Smith manages to spread his charisma and win hearts with his epic comedic timings and play the ‘good guy’ to save the world. All the films portray the concept of good over bad.

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