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Willow Smith Agrees About White Privilege, But Feels Olivia Jade Deserves Another Chance !



Willow Smith Olivia Jade

Willow Smith Feels Olivia Jade Will Be Fine As She Is White

Willow Smith and Olivia Jade met each other at RTT’s episode. Olivia Jade came on the show to apologize for her mistakes and redeem herself. However, Willow’s grandmother was not happy as she felt Olivia had it easy because of white privilege. As per a source, Willow also feels her grandmother is right about it. Moreover, the source said, “She agrees with Adrienne that Olivia will be fine because she’s white, pretty and rich—white privilege serves her redemption more than the financial privilege.”

Willow Smith Olivia Jade

Source: Facebook Watch

Willow Feels Olivia Jade Deserves A Second Chance

Willow Smith does agree with her grandmother on racism. However, she also feels Olivia deserves another chance in life. Coming from a race that was always misunderstood, she understands the problem faced by Olivia. Moreover, the source said, “Willow understands how hard it is for the Black community to forgive Olivia. But if she is genuine about wanting to change and be better, she feels she does deserve a second chance.”

Willow Smith Feels Olivia Jade Should Not Be Judged Based On Scandal

Willow Smith feels Olivia Jade should not be judged based on the scandal. She feels Olivia was too young to understand the consequences. Hence, it is not fair that is she is judged for the rest of her life based on it. Moreover, the source said, “She was still really young when it first transpired, like when the rowing pics were taken. We all make mistakes when we are young and she should get a second chance.”

Jada Pinkett Smith's mother and Olivia Jade

Source: Facebook

Jada’s Mother Is Not Happy With Olivia

Jada‘s mother was not convinced about Olivia coming to the three of them for an apology. Moreover, Jada’s mother said, “I feel like, here we are, white women, coming to Black women for support when we don’t get the same from them. It’s bothersome to me on so many levels. Her being here is the epitome of white privilege to me.”

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