The World Cup 2022 schedule is now out – or as close to it as we can get before we know who will qualify.

We now know who each country will meet when they will face them, and who they might face in the knockout rounds now that the World Cup 2022 group draw is complete.

We don’t yet know the times or locations for the group stage games, except that Qatar vs Ecuador will be the first match of the day, and will begin earlier than the other matches.

The first two rounds of group games will begin at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. GMT.

Kickoff times for the remaining group stage games and all knockout games will be 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively.


World Cup 2022 fixtures: the group stage

1st matchday

the 21st of November

Ecuador vs. Qatar

Iran vs. England

Netherlands vs. Senegal

Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs. United States

the 22nd of November

Saudi Arabia vs. Argentina

Tunisia vs. Denmark

France vs. United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Peru

Mexico takes on Poland.

the 23rd of November

Belgians versus. Canadians

Japan vs. Germany

Croatia vs. Morocco

Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Spain

the 24th of November

Serbia vs. Brazil

Ghana vs. Portugal

Cameroon vs. Switzerland

Uruguay vs. South Korea is a matchup between two teams.

Day 2 of the tournament

the 25th of November

The United Kingdom vs. the United States

Ecuador vs. the Netherlands

Senegal vs Qatar

Iran against. Ukraine, Scotland, and Wales

On the 26th of November

Mexico vs. Argentina

Denmark vs. France

Saudi Arabia vs. Poland

Tunisia vs. United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Peru

the 27th of November

Morocco vs. Belgium

Croatia takes on Canada.

Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Japan

Germany vs. Spain

the 28th of November

Switzerland vs. Brazil

Serbia vs Cameroon

Ghana vs. South Korea

Uruguay vs. Portugal

3rd matchday

On the 29th of November

Senegal vs. Ecuador

Iran and the United States are at odds.

Qatar vs. Netherlands

England against. Ukraine, Scotland, and Wales

the 30th of November

Argentina vs. Poland

Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia

Tunisia vs. France is a matchup between two countries.

Denmark vs. UAE, Australia, and Peru

Wednesday, December 1st

Morocco vs. Canada

Belgium vs. Croatia

Spain vs. Japan

Germany vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand

Saturday, December 2nd

Cameroon vs. Brazil.

Uruguay vs. Ghana

Portugal vs. South Korea

Switzerland vs. Serbia


Saturday, December 3

Group A Winner vs Group B Second Place

Group C Winner vs Group D Second Place

Sunday, December 4

Group D Winner vs Group C Winner

Group B Winner vs Group A Second Place

Monday, December 5

Group E Winner vs Group F Second Place

Group G Winner vs Group H Second Place

Tuesday, December 6

Group F Winner vs Group E Second Place

Group H Winner vs Group G Winner


Friday, December 9

Round of 16 5 Winner vs Round of 16 6 Winner

Round of 16 1 Winner vs Round of 16 2 Winner

Saturday, December 10

Round of 16 7 Winner vs Round of 16 8 Winner

Round of 16 3 Winner vs Round of 16 4 Winner


Tuesday, December 13

Quarter-Final 1 Winner vs Quarter-Final 2 Winner 

Wednesday, December 14

Quarter-Final 3 Winner vs Quarter-Final 4 Winner


Saturday, December 17

Semi-Final 1 Loser vs Semi-Final 2 Loser


Sunday, December 18

Semi-Final 1 Winner vs Semi-Final 2 Winner

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