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WRESTLING? Matthew McConaughey Teases Fans On A Possible WWE Debut !



Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Hints At Possible WWE Debut

Matthew McConaughey has revealed his interest in WWE. However, what is more, surprising is his desire to join it. In a recent interview, he teased the idea of entering the ring of WWE. However, he did not clear whether he would actually consider debuting in WWE. Matthew in the past has revealed his interest in stand-up comedy. Moreover, he even revealed that he would have toured a standup if not for the pandemic. Talking about WWE, he said, “I’ll say not too much ’cause as you know, can’t say too much about these things. But it is something that interests me.”

Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey Has No Interest In Politics

Matthew McConaughey is someone who tries to take interest in various stuff outside acting. As mentioned before, he has expressed his intention to do standup comedy. Moreover, now he is considering diving into WWE. However, on thing he wants to avoid at the moment is politics. Moreover, he clarified on a show about his disinterest in politics. He said, “I have no plans to do that right now, as I said, that would be up to a lot of other people.”

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want To Join Politics

Matthew McConaughey has a reason for not diving into politics. He feels politics is not what is should be in today’s world. Moreover, he feels politics needs to find a new meaning in the world as it has lost purpose at the moment. Moreover, he said, “Right now, no. I don’t get politics. Politics seems to be a broken business. Politics needs to redefine its purpose.”

Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew Has Not Ruled Out Politics Completely

Matthew revealed that the idea of politics is not out of his mind completely. Moreover, he said, “As I move forward in life, am I going to consider leadership roles where I can be most useful? I’d love to, I’m doing that regardless. That’s where I sit right now.”

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