Baki Hanma recently debuted on Netflix, and fans have been asking if there would be Baki season 5 for its fans. The weird martial arts world developed by Keisuke Itagaki has amassed a large following over the years, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Baki Season 5.

There is presently no word on whether Baki will return for Baki season 5 (or Baki Hanma). Baki Season 4 was premiered on Netflix on September 30, 2021. So it’s still too early to say whether we’ll get Baki season 5, but there’s plenty of manga material to translate, so it’s a distinct possibility.

As a result, there are a lot of speculations about Baki season 5 circulating online, which is why we’re going to go through all of the known and unknown details about the program and tell you everything you need to know.

Is there going to be Baki season 5?

On September 30, Netflix released Baki Hanma, with all twelve episodes available for immediate viewing. Baki Hanma is now the third ONA season of the Baki anime, and the third to air on Netflix, following the two Baki anime seasons released in 2018. Baki the Grappler had previously aired two episodes in 2001.

The Baki anime, a manga, has a complicated structure, owing to the fact that there are multiple adaptations with no obvious framework; the Netflix versions are standalone sequels to the original anime, but that is nearly all that connects them.

Let’s have a look at the entire structure. The following is a list of everything that makes up the franchise, organized by release date:

  • Baki The Grappler: The Ultimate Fighter (OVA, 1994)
  • Baki the Grappler (anime series, 2001)
  • Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Special Anime (OVA, 2016)
  • Baki (ONA series, 2018–2020)
  • Baki Hanma – Son of Ogre (ONA series, 2021)

As you can see, the franchise now consists of two OVA episodes (1994 and 2016), the original anime series (two seasons, 48 episodes total, which aired in 2001), a new ONA anime series (which aired from 2018 to 2020, with 39 episodes total), and its sequel ONA series (which has 12 episodes total and premiered on September 30, 2021).

Unfortunately, the release order does not correspond to the franchise’s in-universe chronology, which you can find in our article, but that isn’t the issue. What you should know is that all of the animated content is part of the same canon anime universe, and the new ONA series are a continuation of the original anime series, but the narratives are only loosely connected.

On a general level, this isn’t a big deal because the ONA series doesn’t actually contradict the original anime in any manner, making it easier to watch. This was simply a quick overview to help you understand the series’ somewhat perplexing structure. So, what does this mean for a possible Baki season 5?

It tells us that there’s plenty of room for more. The adaptations we’ve seen so far haven’t included all of the manga. Also, there’s plenty of material for a possible Baki season 5. Having said that, we still don’t have any concrete information on a possible fifth season, so while we can speculate, we don’t know for sure.

Baki Season 5 Release date

We can’t really predict the release date because we don’t know if Baki season 5 will be made, especially given the franchise doesn’t have even a semblance of a consistent release schedule, with some releases taking decades.

As you can see, there was a seven-year gap between the first OVA and the anime’s Baki season 5, which premiered in 2001. Between the anime and the second OVA episode, there was a 15-year gap. Baki Season 1 aired two years ago, and Baki season 2 premiered a year and a half later. After another year and a half, Baki Hanma was finally launched.

Based on how frequently Netflix distributes Baki adaptations, we expect a new Baki season to premiere in 2023 at the latest. We cannot rule out the chance that it may premiere in 2024 or later. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Baki Season 5 Plot

Baki’s primary plot is straightforward: fighting, fighting, and more fighting! However, the battle was split into numerous manga arcs, giving the franchise a large(r) plot that follows the development of its protagonists. Now, in 2021, Baki Hanma ONA adapted two manga arcs: the Combat Shadow Fighting Saga and the Great Prison Battle Saga. So, what’s in store for a possible Baki season 5?

The Pickle Wars Saga, the Warrior’s Struggle Saga, and the Strongest Father and Child Quarrel Saga are the three remaining arcs in the Baki Hanma manga that can be translated. The Pickle Wars Saga is undoubtedly the most essential of them all, as Pickle is a pivotal character in the franchise, and as such, this arc is the most likely contender for adaptation.

“Following Baki’s war against Biscuit Oliva, the world’s scientists find Pickle — a caveman from the primordial age,” according to the summary of the Pickle Wars Saga. Pickle is then transported to Mitsunari Tokugawa, where he faces off against a slew of formidable opponents.” Pickle is one of the most powerful Baki characters in the franchise. Baki also has to deal with the Ogre.

What would be the expected Baki Season 5 storyline?

What if the producers decide to omit or cut this section and focus solely on the Baki Hanma storyline? Baki-Dou, on the other hand, continues after Baki Hanma, which is a completely new series and the most recent entry in the manga series; it is a sequel to the original Baki the Grappler manga and continues the protagonist’s tale.

After the epic battle between father and son, Baki Hanma continues to fight in the underground arena and train endlessly. But he always needs to repress his yawn induced by excessive boredom. At this point, no amount of stimulation or danger can arouse him.

There are more stories as Baki Hanma’s plot has plenty of material for at least three more seasons. If you want our honest view, Baki season 5 would undoubtedly end Baki Hanma tale. Baki must face the Ogre.

While there are many great stories to adapt to in the future, we believe it is best to finish this story first before moving on to the Baki-Dou realm. Baki Hanma contains some of the franchise’s best moments. It would be a tragedy if any of the stories were not adapted for the big screen in Baki season 5.

The cast of Baki season 5

In terms of the characters, the primary characters – those who have survived, of course – will almost surely return. Baki Season 5 will almost certainly be voiced by the same actors.

Additional seasons will undoubtedly feature a slew of new characters. We can’t predict which manga arc will be adapted next. Therefore, we can’t even guess which characters will make their debut in the upcoming Baki season 5.

Baki Season 5 trailer

There is no trailer for Baki season 5, which is understandable given that we don’t know whether there will be one or not. If Netflix does announce a new season or Baki season 5, a teaser may debut in 2023, depending on the intended release date. But we can’t give a specific date.

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